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         Lasers (DPSS lasers, CO2 lasers, diode lasers, CW & pulsed Nd:YAG lasers, fiber lasers, ultrafast pulse lasers, laser pointers)
DPSS laser (side pumping) DPSS laser (1064/532/355nm) Ceramic laser (1064/532nm) DPSS laser (532/473/671nm) DPSS laser (1342nm)
CW Nd:YAG laser Pulsed Nd:YAG laser

High repetition rate DPSS laser

High peak power DPSS laser

Single DPSS laser
Fiber coupled laser diode HP fiber coupled diode Collimated laser diode Laser diode array Red diode laser

Green, blue & red laser pointer Green laser module

Non-Collinear Optical

Parametric Amplifier

Ti:Sapphire Ultrashort

Pulse Laser

High-Average-Power Femtosecond Laser


Tunable Ultrafast Source

for Microscopy Applications

DPSS UV lasers Picosecond Lasers

passively Q-switched laser

(213, 266, 355, 532, 1064nm)

266nm CW laser
Tunable dye laser High power CO2 lasers DC-excited CO2 laser RF-excited CO2 laser CO2 laser control unit
Diode-pumped laser module  EO Q-switched lasers Visible fiber laser Fiber laser Optical parametric oscillator
Femtosecond Laser Ultrafast OPOs      
          Laser Parts (laser components, laser power supply, pump chambers, reflectors, lamps, galvos, marking heads & software)

CW laser power supply

Pulsed laser power supply

IPL power supply

Diode driver

Laser lamp (Kr & Xe lamp)


Laser pump cavity

Ceramic reflector

Laser pump chamber

UV-filtering flow tube

Optical galvanometer


Marking software

Laser marking head

Dynamic focusing unit Off-line flying encoding system ESD absorber for diode
          Laser Machines (laser marking, cutting, welding, engraving systems)

Fiber laser marker

Diamond Processing

Flying laser marker

Diode-pumped laser marker

Fiber laser cutting machine

CO2 laser marker

Jewelry & ring laser marker

Nd:YAG laser marker Dual-head laser marker

CO2 laser engraver and cutter


Pulsed laser welding machine

Pulsed laser spot welder

Fiber-delivered laser welding   Ultrafast Micromachining Workstation Deep engraver/marker
         Laser Measurement and Instrument (doppler vibrometer, range finder, thermal imager, powermeter, wavelength meter, beam viewer)
Laser doppler vibrometer 3D vision measuring machines Laser range Finder Handheld Thermal imager Thermal imager

Laser beam analyser

Laser powermeter

IR & UV beam viewer Ultrashort pulse nonlinear  spectrometer          Scanning spectrophotometer

Laser wavelength meter

Laser diode testing system

Photon detector

Terahertz instruments

          Optical Parts (mirrors, lenses, windows, splitters, combiners, attenuators, collimators, beam shapers, beam expanders, f-theta lenses)
Beam expander Zoom beam expander Scan mirror CO2 laser beam attenuator Laser mirror
f-theta lens for YAG laser f-theta lens for CO2 laser f-theta lens for other lasers YAG laser focusing lens CO2 laser focusing lens
Beam combiner Beam splitter Dual-focus lens Output coupler

Phase retardation reflector

ZnSe laser window ZnSe Brewster window

Beam shaper

Optical isolator

Diffractive Optical Elements


         Fiber, Fiber Optics, Fiber Communication, Fiber Products

WDM Coupler Combiner Fiber collimator Fiber

Optical fiber analyzer

Broadband communication sources Supercontinuum sources Fiber inspection tools  

          Acousto-optic Devices (Q-switches, AOMs, frequency shifters, filters, deflectors, RF drivers)

Water-cooled AO Q-switch Air-cooled AO Q-switch Q-switch driver Acousto-optic modulator (AOM) AOM driver (RF driver)
Tunable filter Frequency shifter AO deflector    

         Electro-optic Devices (Pockel cells, modulators, pulse picker, deflector, noise eater, driver)

EO Q-switch (Pockel cell) EO modulator EO pulse picker EO deflector EO noise eater


EO Q-switch driver    



         Laser Tools and Laser Accessories (beam deliveries, fibers, goggles, chillers, beam analysers)


Laser cutting head

Cutting Nozzle

Laser/optical beam delivery

Fiber delivery

Versatile rotary actuator

IR laser beam detector

Laser powermeter

Laser beam analyser

IR & UV beam viewer SWR/RF power meter


DC power supply

Laser chiller Laser safety shield/window/curtain Laser safety goggles





          Laser Crystals and Nonlinear Optical Crystals




(Nd, Ce):YAG














         Opto Mechanics and Stages

Motor-driven rotary stage Motor-driven XY table Z-axis adjustable stage Manually adjustable XYZ stage Manually adjustable XY stage
Linear motor Linear motor platform Mirror mount & holder Beam expander mount CNC control software

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