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FemtoWriter laser micromachining system provides the most flexibility in a single laser micromachining platform. Equipped with high power and high energy femtosecond fiber laser, this system is capable of manufacturing various materials with high precision. The software provides user-friendly interface and intuitive access to all systems’ functionality including the laser, motion stages, scanner, control electronics and machine vision. It can be broadly used across different industries, such as consumer electronics, semiconductor, medical device manufacture and aerospace.


  • Capable of cutting, drilling, welding, marking, surface texturing and intra volume marking
  • All type of materials from the hardest to the softest
  • High precision (from μm to mm)
  • Exceptional high quality (no heat affected zone)
  • Single step process with no post processing
  • High flexibility in pattern design



High Energy femtosecond fiber laser

Axes travel (X/Y/Z)

300x300x150 mm

Max. acceleration


Position accuracy

±1.5 μm

Repeatability (bidirectional)

±0.75 μm

Axes velocity

Up to 300 mm/s


2-axis with speed up to 2 m/s

Scan field

~40x40 mm

Min. weld line width

10 μm

Min. cutting/drilling line width

2 μm

Sample thickness

100-1000 μm

Control software

Own developed

Power consumption

3000 W, 110 VAC

System weight

~1000 kg

System dimension

~1500x1200x2000mm (L x W x H)


Class I


   High-Average-Power Femtosecond Laser

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