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Tungsten-LAM (Laser Additive Manufacturing) is a powder-bed based additive manufacturing system. Equipped with high power and high energy femtosecond fiber laser, Tungsten-LAM is capable of manufacturing various materials, especially high melting temperature materials, such as tungsten. Tungsten-LAM is an ideal solution for industrial applications ranging from functional prototyping to rapid manufacturing. The printed parts are fully dense and have exceptional detail, surface finish and overall accuracy.


  • Capable of printing in more than a dozen alloys and ceramics, including tungsten and ceramic materials.
  • Robust manufacturing floor platform
  • Exceptional surface finish and resolution
  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability
  • Fully dense parts with superior mechanical properties
  • Applications in Aerospace defense and medical technology



Femtosecond fiber laser with centred wavelength at 1030 nm

Laser power

40-200 W

Pulse Energy

< 50 μJ

Build envelop volume size


Layer thickness

> 5 μm

Operational beam focus

>20 μm

Scan speed

up to 2 m/s

Processing environment

Inert gas

CAD read format


Control software

Own developed

Total dimension

~1800x800x1900mm (LxWxH)


Tungsten, Ceramic, Stainless steel, Tool steel, Titanium, Aluminium, Inconel, Super alloys

Power consumption

3 kVA 110 V


Class I


   High-Average-Power Femtosecond Laser

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