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IFA-100 Optical Fiber Analyzer



We specialize in Transverse Interferometry, the most sensitive fiber measurement technology available.


Our exclusive patent-pending Multi-Wavelength Optical Fiber Refractive Index Profiling Technology was first presented as Postdeadline Paper PDP A2 at OFC/NFOEC 2009 and has since been the subject of peer reviewed conference and journal publications. Since the measurement is performed transversely (through the side of the fiber), it is essentially non-destructive.  Although the fiber's polymer coating or buffer must be removed, the fiber itself can continue to carry an optical signal during the measurement, and if necessary the polymer coating can be restored to the fiber after the measurement is completed.



l        Multiwavelength

l        No cleave required

l        Sub-μm spatial resolution

l        Applicable to any fiber type

l        Fast measurement time

l        Measure splices, tapers, couplers




Refractive index accuracy

 +/− 0.0001

Spatial resolution

 ~ 500 nm

Measurement wavelength

 500 nm to 1 μm

Fiber diameter

 40 μm to 400 μm

Fiber material

 Silica glass, non-silica glass, plastic

Concentricity error measurement

 +/− 200 nm

Core non-circularity error measurement

 +/− 0.4 %

Fiber type

 singlemode, multimode, microstructured (PCF), PM, multicore, rare-earth, cladding-pumped, large mode area, low bend loss, high-Δ, etc.



FMA-100 Fiber Mode Analyzer



l        Identify distinct spatial modes

l        Quantify relative mode power

l        Obtain mode amplitude & phase profiles

l        Qualify fibers, components, splices

l        Measure in seconds


Know your modes!!!




Fiber cladding diameter

 60 to 800 microns

Measurement band

 ~1010 to ~1070 nm (other bands available)

Measurement time

 less than 1 minute

MPI noise floor

 ~ 30 dB

Intermodal delay range

 0 to 90 ps

Intermodal delay resolution

 ~0.5 ps


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