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Ultrafast Lasers Instrumentation

  1. STFE Series Autocorrelator (516KB)

Lasers & Machines

  1. Sealed-off RF-excited CW CO2 lasers (842KB)

  2. DPSS lasers (diode side-pumped lasers, diode end-pumped laser) (1221KB)

  3. DPSS green and blue lasers (532nm, 473nm, 532nm) (532KB)

  4. Green laser pointer and module (230KB)

  5. Diode modules and diode laser arrays (861KB)

  6. Fiber laser (4960KB)

  7. CW & pulsed lamp-pumped Nd:YAG lasers (923KB)

  8. Microchip laser (1089KB)

  9. Fiber laser marker, CO2 laser markers & Nd:YAG laser markers (1455KB)

  10. CO2 laser engraving/cutting machines (1168KB)

  11. Pulsed Nd:YAG laser welding & spot welding machine (140KB)

  12. Nd:YAG laser cutting machine (277KB)

Optical Components & Laser Components

  1. Flat metalenses (1309KB)

  2. Beam expanders (705KB)

  3. Beam combiners, Beam splitter, Windows, Brewster windows (140KB)

  4. Scanning lenses /f-theta lenses (451KB)

  5. Scanning mirrors (130KB)

  6. Mirrors and focusing lenses (718KB)

  7. Laser beam delivery systems and laser cutting heads (600KB)

  8. Optical filters (305KB)

  9. Laser & optical crystals (Nd:YAG, Nd:YOV4, KTP, KTA, LBO, BBO, ZnSe) (679KB)

  10. Optical scanners (galvanometers) (957KB)

  11. Laser pump chambers (606KB)

  12. Laser pump cavity (98KB)

  13. Arc lamps, flashlamps and IPL lamps (313KB)

  14. lamp drivers (1124KB)

  15. Acousto-optic Q-switch (1044KB)

  16. Acousto-optic Q-switch drivers (RF drivers) (514KB)

  17. Electro-optic Q-switch & drivers  (Pockels Cell & Driver) (635KB) 

  18. AO Modulators (571KB)

  19. AO Deflectors (249KB)

  20. AO Frequency Shifters (98KB)

  21. Tunabe filter (56KB)

  22. Fiber laser components (combiner, coupler, WDM) (353KB)

  23. Laser diode driver (543KB)

  24. Laser marking head & marking software (813KB)

  25. Full-set laser parts (819KB)

  26. Fiber (567KB)

Accessories & Equipment

  1. Laser chiller (281KB)

  2. Power meters (182KB)

  3. Manually-adjustable stage (158KB)

  4. Mirror mounts and holders (872KB)

  5. Laser safety goggles (490KB)

  6. IR beam detector (67KB)

  7. Laser beam analyser (1748KB)

  8. Laser rangefinder (2108KB)

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