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The laser is specially designed for deep engraving on metals. The laser can output long pulse width & high power energy, also can output short pulse width & high peak power for the deep engraving of different materials. Through the application of new technology, the peak power is around 10 times compared to the traditional lasers, reaching 300kW. High beam quality and high conversion efficiency make the laser the best choice for deep engraving applications. The engraved depth can reach 5mm.


The laser can be used in deep engraving of parts of automotive and motors, hardware tools, stainless steel products, medical parts, clock and watch, industrial bearing, mould. The materials to be engraved include copper, brass, aluminum, alloy, stainless steel etc.

We can provide OEMs and system integrators with a range of high performance components and sub-assemblies of deep laser engraver at more attractive prices. These components and sub-assemblies include laser head with marking head, Q-switch driver, diode driver, marking software and chiller.


Machine model


Laser wavelength


Average power

32W@CW, 10W@2kHz, 21W@5kHz, 26W@10kHz, 28W@20kHz

Laser pulse width

26 - 300ns

Laser pulse energy

4.8mJ@2kHz, 4.12mJ@5kHz, 2.6mJ@10kHz, 1.38mJ@20kHz

Laser peak power

119kW@2kHz, 64kW@5kHz, 34kW@10kHz, 1kW@20kHz

Beam qualityM2


Beam modulation

1kHz - 50kHz

Laser power stability




Electric supply



15 - 30

Engraving linewidth


Engraving field (mm2)

7070, 110110, 150150, 175175 or others

Maximum engraving depth


Software feature

Various fonts, pictures (PLT, BMP), automated series numbers, barcodes, DataMatrix


Z-axis adjustable stage, XYZ-axis adjustable stage, chiller




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