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          New Product: “3 in 1” Laser Power Supply


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(diode driver + Q-switch driver + DC power supply of marking head)


In a diode pumped Nd:YAG laser marker, a diode driver, a Q-switch driver and a DC power supply are needed. They are individual with large size and then the size of the laser marker is also large. It is not convenient to move the laser marker due to large size. We have developed a “3 in 1” laser power supply and the above power supplies are integrated into one unit with compact size.



  • Compact in size and light in weight.

  • Modular design for convenient maintenance.

  • Excellent performance.

  • Portable for easy moving.

Diode driver

Output current

0-30A adjustable

Output voltage

Max. 24V automatically adjustable



Alarm and protection

Over load, over temperature, over current and no load

External current adjusting

 0 -10V corresponding 0 – max. current

Q-switch driver

Output RF power


RF frequency


Modulation frequency

0.45-50KHz adjustable

First pulse suppression

50us-5ms adjustable

Modulation input

TTL level

Load  impedance




Alarm and protection

Over load, over temperature, over current and no load

Power supply for marking head


±25V/150W (or others up request)


Electric input

220VAC/8A, 50Hz

Storage temperature

-20șC - +85șC

Operation temperature

+10șC - +55șC


If “3 in 1” laser power is used in a laser marker, the marker will be simple and it consists a laser head with a marking head and a power supply as shown as follows. The marker will be portable.



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