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Sintec wishes everyone a Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Years from Sintec Optronics. We wish everyone a great year ahead! May 2017 be a prosperous year for the laser industry!

Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) *NEW

Our DOEs are being used for various applications mainly involving high precision and high power lasers. Our main customers are laser system integrators in industries such as medical/aesthetical, material processing, metrology and many more. A DOE uses thin micro structure patterns to alter the phase of the light propagated through it. Those micro-structure, once properly designed, can manipulate the light to almost any desired intensity profile or shape.

Our range of DOEs includes (but not limited to): beam splitters, beam shapers / top-hat, homogenizers/diffusers, multi-focal, beam samplers, vortex lenses, ring generator, dielectric mask and more.

Those elements can be designed for any wavelength, from UV to Mid IR. Our DOEs are thin optical windows/lenses, easily installed in any system. In addition to individual elements, we can also design and assemble refractive-diffractive modules and sub-systems.

Diffractive optics solutions have many advantages such as high efficiency, high precision, small dimensions, low weight elements and most important, flexible solutions to meet variety of different applications' requirements.

Inquire our DOE catalog to see how to shape your laser output !



LSLC-DIGI scanhead: Now able to swap mirrors without manual re-tuning !

As the LSLC-DIGI has self-tuning technology it is now possible to replace just the mirrors and let it auto-tune itself! Itís so easy, even the customer can do it themselves! For example, if you want operate at 355nm or 10.6um (CO2) instead of 1064nm wavelength, you can now just swap the mirrors instead of changing out the entire scanhead!

Conventional galvos require re-tuning when you change the mirrors, due to mirrors for other wavelengths are made of different material and hence have different weight. Iím sure you know that manually re-tuning galvos for different mirrors cost much time and effort! Now, you donít need to spend so much time!

Once you swap the mirrors and the LSLC-DIGI is switched on, it performs a detailed self diagnosis and system check to determine the operating parameters of the individual galvos. This ensures the accuracy and positioning of the laser marking is precise and error free. This eliminates the expense of either calling out a service technician to tune in replacements or the need to return the scan head to us. This saves both time and money Ė and enhances your systemís reputation and decreases downtime for your customers! Inquire now for your trial!

Fiber lasers for laser processing of materials

We offer pulsed and CW fiber lasers that can be used to process materials like metal (aluminum, copper, stainless steel, anodized aluminium, carbon steel etc.), Silicon wafers, GPP wafers, ceramics, graphite and other types of materials. Applications include laser marking, etching, engraving, drilling, wafer cutting, scribing, welding, spot welding, cutting.

Our fiber lasers are available at 10W, 20W,30W, 50W, 100W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W and 1000W, with the option of CW or pulsed. These lasers can be easily integrated into machines with beam delivery optics and marking/cutting heads which we also offer.


STBWT Fiber Coupled laser diodes

Single emitter diode lasers can provide multi-wavelength covering 405nm to 976nm, output power from 2mW to 10W. Mainly used in the area of fiber laser pumping ,computer to plate(CTP), DPSS laser pumping, medical use, aiming beam, industry etc.


Multiple single emitter diode lasers build upon the foundation of multi-emitter coupling technology, to obtain high power and high brightness diode laser. Multi single emitter diode lasers include wavelengths from 635nm-976nm, output power from 1.6W-200W.


Variety of packages with optional functions of aiming beam, photo detector, TEC, fiber detector, thermistor etc. are available. Multi single emitter diode lasers have great advantages in high reliability and high performance. These compact and commercially recognized casing allow easy integration.

Inquire our Diode Laser Fiber-Coupled catalogue now for more information!



Promotional items!

We are currently overstocked on items such as Q-switch drivers, laser lamps, CO2 focusing lens and CO2 f-theta lens, high power fiber cable, ceramic reflectors, Optical galvanometers that supports 12-30mm apertures, and galvo drivers. Inquire about our stock items now and receive large discount!



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