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Mini Fiber Laser Machines *NEW

We have introduced a new configuration for marking machine: Mini fiber laser marker! It is like a small computer pc size and comes with the standard laser head and z-axis stage. Included inside is a standard 20W fiber laser. The marking quality is te same as our standard fiber laser marker with a simple software interface. The simple integration of the system requires no after-installation service. The fiber laser machine is the ideal solution for a broad range of industrial applications. Typical Applications:
1.Laser marking of metal & non-metal materials and products: stainless steel, copper, aluminium alloy, ceramics, plastics, organics, thermo-elastomerrubbers, paper, name cards, turbine blades
2.Electronic industry: capacitor, inductor, PCB, IC, connector, control panel, instrument
3.Others: cosmetics, food package, bottle, gift, advertisement & sign crafts, craft & gift making

MoTex zoom Beam Expander

MoTex is a zoom beam expander, designed for automated applications. It combines 5 separate lenses to provide variable magnification from x2,5 to x12. Control solution of the beam expander is versatile - making it controllable either remotely from computer or directly with control buttons. Driver and all the motors are integrated in the casing of beam expander, even though it is compact and convenient for usage. Standard wavelengths are 1st-3rd Nd:YAG harmonics, but any custom wavelength is available on request.

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Office in Bangalore! *NEW

We are pleased to announce our new office in Bangalore! The new office will be fully operational by the end of the year, but we have already started basic operations. The purpose of this office is to provide good service and fast response to our customers in India! Our sales engineer will be happy to meet you for a chat and discuss your needs. The primary contact for our India office is india@sintec.sg


Promotional items!

We are currently overstocked on items such as Q-switch drivers, laser lamps, CO2 focussing lens and CO2 f-theta lens, high power fiber cable, ceramic reflectors, Optical galvanometers that supports 12-30mm apertures, and galvo drivers. Inquire about our stock items now and receive large discount!


Price reduction over all our products!

Our prices have also recently reduced over all our product range! Please inquire our sales for updated price lists !


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