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STHR-OL series Picosecond DPSS Laser Sources 1064nm, 355nm *NEW

The STHR-OL series, High-Power Picosecond Ultrafast Laser is a compact and powerful, hybrid fiber/free space amplified ultrafast laser. With pulses shorter than 10 ps, this laser is ideal for fast, high precision micro-machining and material processing of any material. The robust Olive-1064-10 combines the advantages of fiber laser technology with solid state diode pumped free space amplification. Compact and water-cooled, this laser is low maintenance and easy to integrate with other equipment. Available with single or multiple wavelength combinations. Average powers of 0.7W, 2W, 10W, and 50W configurations available



∙ <10 picosecond pulses 
∙ Long term power stability <3%rms 
∙ High beam quality with M2≤1.3 
∙ Serial Interface


They are widely used in Micro-machining, Ceramic Processing, Glass Cutting, Medical Plastic Processing, Sapphire Processing, Steel Processing, Laser Deposition, Thin Film Patterning, Hard Materials Machining.


STOF series Ultrafast ps and fs Fiber Lasers

STOF-GK series is an industrial-grade mode locked picosecond laser that emits close to transform-limited pulses from 1 to 45ps with a narrow spectral width. It provides diffraction-limited beam quality and excellent pointing stability and is air-cooled.


STOF-KT series is sub-nanosecond laser with continuous tuning of repetition rate. The pulse duration from 30 ps up to 10 ns. Rep rates can be operated from pulse-on-demand up to 100 MHz, and can be triggered from external source (master or slave mode). A single-box multi-wavelength version is available which, combined with the use of the STOF-KT series as a depletion laser, can provide a complete source for super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.


STOF-OG series is the industrial-grade, ultra-compact, mode-locked, femtosecond laser that provides the lowest phase noise and timing jitter available on the market. It emits transform-limited soliton pulses, provides diffraction-limited beam quality and excellent pointing stability. It is available at various wavelengths and repetition rates. STOF-OG series is air-cooled laser module packaged in a sealed, robust enclosure allowing for operation in the harshest environments.


All STOF lasers are low noise, cost-effective, maintenance-free and guaranties 24/7 operation. Both free-space as well as simple fiber output are available at various wavelengths. They are designed for easy OEM integration.

∙Plug & Play

∙No user serviceable parts inside or outside laserhead and laserdriver, no adjustment knobs or screws

∙Maintenance free, dust sealed

∙Passively air cooled - no water, no fans

∙Maintained performance 10 C 40 C

∙Long lifetime, high on/off counts

∙Superb spectral & temporal quality

∙Shock and vibration proof

∙User-friendly: Installation of all of our products is straight forward, service maintenance is not required. No PC or any other additional monitor or control device or software is needed. Plug in the included laptop-like power supply, connect laser and laser driver, activate the key switch and press the "ON" button. DONE. No field service engineer is needed for installation or later on handling, nor is any trained personnel required to operate the STOF series lasers. PERIOD.


STHR-SP series Nanosecond DPSS Laser Sources 532nm, 355nm

Our STHR-SP series UV DPSS Lasers (up to 20W) is especially designed for industrial micro-machining field, have adopted unique folded cavity construction which is secure and reliable with integrated design. The beam expander is integrated in the laser to prevent erosion of the outer dust, humidity and other environmental factors. Ensuring beam transmission and beam quality to achieve the best, makes integration easier and faster. Meanwhile, they are characterized by high stability, low power consumption, long term stability and high beam quality even in harsh working environment.



∙ Stable output of power and pulse width

∙ Excellent beam quality, M<1.2

∙ High beam pointing stability

∙ Wide repetition rate range:50-200kHz

∙ Controllable with RS232 interface

∙ Unique Intracavity frequency doubling technology

∙ Triggerable external


They are widely used in 3C industry marking, white plastic and electrical enclosure tag marking. Processing on the fly in food, medical packing and various package material, removal of metal and non-metal coating, scribing for various materials, blind slot processing, as well as new ultra-thin metal foil and other microprocessing.


Office in Bangalore! *NEW

We are pleased to announce our new office in Bangalore! The new office will be fully operational by the end of the year, but we have already started basic operations. The purpose of this office is to provide good service and fast response to our customers in India! Our sales engineer will be happy to meet you for a chat and discuss your needs. The primary contact for our India office is india@sintec.sg



Next exhibition: Laser World of Photonics India (Sept 21-23 in Bangalore)!

We are attending Laser World of Photonics India next! We hope to see you at our booth! Our booth is located in the Singapore Pavilion ! Our booth number is B019-B


Promotional items!

We are currently overstocked on items such as Q-switch drivers, laser lamps, CO2 focusing lens and CO2 f-theta lens, high power fiber cable, ceramic reflectors, Optical galvanometers that supports 12-30mm apertures, and galvo drivers. Inquire about our stock items now and receive large discount!


Price reduction over all our products!

Our prices have also recently reduced over all our product range! Please inquire our sales for updated price lists !  


Happy Birthday to Singapore

On August 9 Singapore will celebrate its 51st National Day. Sintec Optronics wishes Singapore Happy Birthday!!!

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